Annual financial statement 2006

On 17th October 2006, LjungbergGruppen acquired all of the shares in Atrium Fastigheter. The Group’s results and key ratios, as shown below, include Atrium’s operations as from 17th October. The pro forma result for the period from 1st January to 31st December is shown on page 8. • Income totalled SEK 979 million (SEK 694 m). • Rental income totalled SEK 669 million (SEK 425 m) and the rental level at the beginning of 2007 totals SEK 1,389 million. • The profit on real estate sales was SEK 0 million (SEK 13 m). • Changes in value in respect of investment properties totalled SEK 1,881 million (SEK 415 m). • The profit after financial items was SEK 2,155 million (SEK 604 m). • The net profit for the year was SEK 1,557 million (SEK 497 m), corresponding to SEK 86.64/share (SEK 33.34/share). • Investments in properties, over and above the acquisition of Atrium Fastigheter, totalled SEK 471 million (SEK 351 m). • The letting rate is 94 per cent (91%). • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 6.50/share (SEK 5.50/share). • The Board proposes a 4:1 share split, whereby one share will be split into four.